How does it work?

Fill in the blanks in a simple story. The result is usually nonsense and often amusing.
  1. One persons starts.
  2. That person invites the other players to join by sending them a link.
  3. Every player fills out 2 blanks.
    For example, if the blank is a man's name, you could enter Horace
  4. Once all the blanks have been filled in everyone gets to see it!

Here's an example where all the blanks have been filled in

Mediocre Horace met transparent Kim at the bowling alley. Horace wore a leisure suit. Kim wore a sandwich board.

Horace said to Kim “Last sunday we had a little party in the mud.”

Kim said “He wasn’t that into me.”

As a consequence, they both had their tonsils removed.

See an example

Got it, let's go!