A simple word game you play with friends.
Fill in the blanks and create a story together.

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Good clean fun

It takes less than 30 seconds to finish your part of a story or to create a new story.

Zero effort and no pain

Works in a browser, no app install required, no email, no spam, no hassle.

Example Story

Mediocre Horace met transparent Kim at the bowling alley. Horace wore a leisure suit. Kim wore a sandwich board.

Horace said to Kim “Last sunday we had a little party in the mud.”

Kim said “Darling, that was the best cheese I ever had.”

As a consequence, they both had their tonsils removed.

I think that's the best short story I ever read. Change nothing!

Mark from Berlin

Love it, but could lead to a major social faux pas. I hope Will Self doesn't read mine....

Amelia from London

This is a great concept. My husband spent way too much time here.

Blanca from Spain